New Security Choices

In the fight against crime, information technology has provided us with new options that can be applied to provide individuals with a new dimension of security.

In fact, complete security against crime and secure access to all assets and transactions can become a standard of living in this information age.

Imagine being able to get immediate records on anyone you choose to do business with to protect yourself against fraud.

This is no longer science fiction, it's part of an information age security system that can protect you and help catch criminals.

You will be given the choice to adapt this identification security system for business and social interaction in the forums and polls.

What is it?

This new, high tech security feature is a DNA Digital Portrait in the form of a tattoo, hidden under the skin. (see graphic below)


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The technology is already here and in use for many applications, but we propose to use it to develop a new standard of fraud protection and secure currency.

This tattoo will be your DNA digital portrait. Like a snowflake, no two portraits will be the same.

If the need arises to verify someone's identity, a simple tongue swab will provide all the necessary information. In the current system, we use driver's licences, passports, birth certificates, SIN and social security numbers to glean whatever information we can and are still left wondering what we might have missed.

With the DNA digital portrait there will be no need to carry cash or remember difficult passwords. It is immediately recognized by computers so you won't need to carry any of those identification or bank cards normally kept in your wallet. You won't even need to carry keys! Everything you need will be literally at your fingertips. Imagine the freedom of travelling and doing business with less paperwork! Your digital portrait cannot be lost or stolen. It will be your signature and will be accepted everywhere, if this is what you choose.

This is a huge leap forward in fighting crime and securing personal identification.

The DNA digital portrait can also be programmed to identify inherent diseases that cannot be known any other way. By knowing your particular health situation, proper prognosis can save your life by defining the dangers and giving options specifically for your condition. Knowledge is life saving information that can benefit you greatly.

Despite the downsides of potential corporate discrimination and other social issues, this is the road that will provide the greatest possible health and security benefits.

A government by the people can ensure those with inherent health issues will have work that will not impede their health and access to the best available treatments for ailments they may not even have been aware of without this DNA digital portrait.

The information in this portrait will enable us to provide treatment for inherent health problems before you even experience symptoms. It will also help you understand what problems your children may have inherited from you.

This is a huge leap forward in health care.

Whatever discrimination or personal security issues you may fear, the benefits far outweigh the risks and with the people as the final authority, those risks will be removed. Identification verification is done by cheek swab or spit sample and it is 100% accurate. Some people are so afraid of crime that they will resist using a powerful tool that can help get rid of crime.

Using a DNA portrait for identification and currency will be a huge step forward.

Its potential power to eliminate crime is a factor that cannot be overlooked. It will shine the light on crime and put a heavy burden on the guilty, while allowing the innocent to walk freely.

Security and justice will deliver a lifestyle that money cannot buy. The DNA digital portrait is the tool that will make all this happen.

We will be watching the discussion on the Invisible Ancestral DNA Portrait Identification Tattoo used for currency and identification in the forums. There is where we make the rules and the rules can always be changed.

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