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June 21/12 11:11 am.  Many of us live in fear.  Many of us suffer. Many of us have small hopes of a better tomorrow.  The system we live with is not providing well for the majority of us.  The burden we bear to keep up with expenses has driven many of us to financial collapse and worse.  A recent conversation with a former communist yielded a few fond memories of how they would each one get a house provided from the government that could be passed down to generations without cost, it was free.

Most governments have failing qualities. Today's democratic capitalism is bringing ruin to the people and the planet with a bleak future as a prospect.  Communism has failed and capitalism is about to have more financial disasters bringing more pain to the people.

There is a solution. A system of government that will put all governing authority directly into the hands of the people. The government is simply a management system that acts on behalf of the citizens and has no direct control over the people other than the authority given to it by the people.   This dynamic system will put all the power into the hands of the people and the management propose plans to meet the needs of the people such as shelter, food and clothing for everyone who needs it and remove the capitalist debt off our backs.

We can express the voice of the many that are no longer willing to suffer in silence in fear of crime in our neighborhoods or financial ruin.  Our voice can remove those who commit crimes on us so they never return to our neighborhoods and give land and housing to those who need it. A system where the voice of the people is law for the management that serves them can change the world.

As site administrator, my agenda is to present the management platform that will make sweeping changes in the way we live.  We need a system that will guarantee us a shelter from crime and an economy that will not defraud us of our housing or securities. With new security there is a need to secure our identity so we cannot be defrauded and we have a technology to help with this.  We want criminals to be easily identified so they can be removed from our communities.

Looking forward to a time when the people can live in their homes with food and clothing along with technologies that provide a better living standard and a government that gives security and justice to the full, I have made a work of art that is a symbol of the need for change and a means by which it can be accomplished.

This portrait shows our DNA code used as a personal security feature for identification in commerce and security.  Our DNA is said to be the eye of God on each one which makes us unique, it is 100% accurate.  From civilizations past to what the future holds, the all seeing eye over the pyramid as viewed from space is presented in this portrait entitled: "The Kings Blade"

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