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    Inherit the Earth and Bring Peace Among Men

    When our present system fails, we take it back and manage it for ourselves.

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    The System Needs to be Replaced

    The entire system we are living under is unsatisfactory for most of us and it is ruining the Earth. There is no question it must change. Do you want to be in control of that change or would you rather be swept along and let the changes control you?

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    What you need to do

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We the People - 3D Self Government 

Siruis Management


Sirius is a system of self governing that will give complete transparecy in all aspects of the affairs of the city you live in and put all descisions as well as the power to make sweeping changes in the hands of the residents. Through the use of computor programs, you will be able to see where your tax dollars are being spent,and be involved in an organized way to make descisions in your community. 

It will open your eyes to what is happening in Enderby in real time by having fiscal accounts posted on a website on-line, how much is in the bank, what assets the city holds, building plans, how much each and every employee or contractor is getting paid.

Through the use of discussion boards, real time forums with a monitor to answer questions, poles and serveys, this system will be able to determine what the people really want when it comes to the management of their community.  You will have a list of laws and by-laws that can be voted on by you to either replace them or remove them from the list of laws or create new laws as the need may be using this system and these programs.

This can be done through a simple check list with options like uphold, replace or revise on each law. Once the poles have been taken, a sub-system of actual confirmation could be distributed on paper by a member of your community for your personal files and for those ones who do not have internet.  If a signature is required to make it a legal document that this is your will and the laws you have chosen, then it can be put into effect. 

It will take a large majority vote to ensure that the community as a whole is in agreement with these changes, so instead of 51% as the deciding factor, it will take a 2/3 or 66% majority to achieve a solid and long lasting law that will serve you in the manner that both you and those in the community can benefit from.

Keep in mind that any law you choose today can be replaced if you change your mind on things, or if it seems more harmful than beneficial.  The poles and servey portions on the website will be open 24 hours a day for you to review your previous servey and make changes as you see fit.  If others in your community feel the same way and change their vote, then the law you helped create can be dismantled just as easily without the need to wait for a posturing ineffective city counsil to do it sometime down the road, maybe.

This is just a glimmer of what can be done.  How do you want the railway property to be developed? A one way highway northbound that opens up the possibility of new businesses along that route bringing employment to the community on both reservation land to the south and other lands to the north?

Most travellers on the highway do not stop in Enderby because there is nowhere to park.  The highway is so congested people just want to get out of town rather than take in the beautiful scenery in the Enderby area and spend some money here. A northbound route can make a huge change on how those travelling through see the city and given places to park and shop could mean a boon for local business and increase the value of property along that route.

It will really be your descision through the use of this system to make the changes you want.  If the percentages are lower than the required amount to complete the descision, then proposals for change must be revised until it is suitable and meets the real needs that the people want, nothing less will do.

Development plans will be posted and the assessments of what those changes will bring will be listed. Your will as to what happens in your community is the only will that matters and every tax dollar will be accounted for.  This way you can forsee how the city can bring in money for projects, and if the need be if there is an excess of funds in the accounts, you can vote on lowering your taxes paid to the city.

Why should you pay more than what is absolutely nessessary?  If current projects are not what you really want, change them and if too much money is being spent on services that can be accomplished another way, why not make a vote to reduce those funds and put the monies where you want.  

Many people are unemployed and have no way out of their circumstances.  By making a list of things that need to be done in the community, these ones can be organised to make improvements in a volunteer setting, and the monies saved can go toward providing food and shelter for them.  Land owners with a few extra acres can donate the use of their lands for gardens to grow food that can be distributed free to those in need and at low price for others and those funds can be put to good use elsewhere.

Volunteer labor can be used to assist the elderly with the problems they face in getting things done around their homes and the effect would be a more close knit and vibrant community.  Those ones who need a wider group of friends to make them feel at home here have an opportunity to show their true value as community members.

Do you feel fear of a possible financial collapse?  Using city assets to can, preserve and store foodstuffs in times of emergency may be something you would like to support. If an outbreak of smallpox, H1N1, H5N1, H3N7 which are now laboratory constructed comes here, would you like a plan to have Tamiflu or Relenza on hand to suppress the effects as well as a quarantine plan?

Laws and by-laws have restricted us so much we cannot even have a beer with friends at a pic-nic outside of our homes.  No one wants to have disorder as a result of drinking or other recreational activities,  but many would like to have more options and once they have gained their freedom from the laws that suppress them, they will go the extra mile to make sure that those who are disruptive don't cause suppressive laws to return.  Once given freedom, my guess is that they will defend it, and if not the system itself can ballance it to meet the need.

How many freedoms do you want?  This system opens the door so that the majority can be free of every law that entangles them and the system is built to maintain a ballance so that if anything becomes undesirable, it can be taken care of by posting your conscerns on-line 24 hours 7 days a week and changing your vote on-line to meet the need.

If you want to scrap the entire plan and go back to the way things were, you have the power of veto and there will be an option to scrap the system entirely.  The acting mayor will have no power to make descisions, only to get done the things you want and in this manner, that one will really be your servant.

Using a 2/3 majority vote required comes from the concept that where three people make a descision, it is always definitive either in whole or in part. The third remaining cannot over power the group and this is a means of avoiding conflict or war if the concept expands. Those ones who are liberated from the suppressive system they are in now may want to defend it so a large majority is a protection for you and those along with you. 

Sirius is based on an ancient concept of sacrifice, group dynamics and progressive morality. What are you able to provide for the good of your group to meet the needs of others? Open up your hand not only to give but to recieve as well. This means that if you have lands for use as gardens, you can donate the use of that land not the title. Tools, foodstuffs, clothing, currency and even your own labor as the need may be are examples of things the group can make good use of to improve your community and increase congregate happiness.

The laws you choose to live by and the ability to change them to suit the need is called progressive morality. Slavery was at one time acceptable and now is not, is an example of progresssive morality. Going deeper into the concept provides protection for the environment as you may object to practices that polute the rivers and streams, strip logging or air polution, care of fish and wildlife. 

As the concept spreads if it is accepted, all aspects of environmental protection will be in the hands of the people and the use of unrenewable natural resourses will be ballanced by descisions the group makes in regard to the use of renewable or alternative resources that suit the needs rather than let exploitation continue to suit their greed.

A new energy made from nickel-dihydrogen cold fusion is soon to be on the market and through it's use could reduce your energy bill in a large way if plugged into the grid for Enderby if you so choose, at least you will be given the option however it must be approved by the majority first. Under the present system it could be used but you may not get rate reductions.

The same principles apply to communications, phone, television and internet if the options are available for change. All aspects of community living are in your hands if you choose Sirius and become serious about what happens here. Not all have the time or use internet to participate fully but still want change and these things are factored in.

Reputation and political success are usually intertwined inseparably, so you can believe all disparaging words along with the knowledge that unlike mainstream politics, this system allows for immediate dismissal of anyone who becomes disapproved somehow.

A Sirius representitive will run for mayor and hold executive authority. Once elected, another person of your choosing will take the post to sit as mayor once you have decided. In this manner the mayor can easily be dismissed without disrupting the system.

This is the first draft of the Sirius system written in Enderby for Enderby and would be the first of its kind in the world as a blueprint for other cities.  Your feedback is important along with any donations to move it ahead. Donations can be made using the contribute button or by replying in mail to:

Sirius Management System, General Delivery, Enderby, British Columbia, Canada, V0E-1V0